Sunday Smack

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I hope everybody is having a beautiful first Sunday of Advent!

Time to take out the Christmas decoration and start getting in the mood with various festivities of the holiday season!

Thank you all for following! I hope you will enjoy this week’s posts.

Extention Leave Iran Nuclear Deal Vulnerable to Hard-Liners

I am now one of the sceptics who seriously doubt that this deal is ever going to happen. If the Iranians wanted to agree on a deal, they would have by now.

Confiscating Passports: Is this a Good Way to Stop Citizens from Joining Jihadists in Syria and Iraq?

Great post about the measures intended to be taken by the United Kingdom against its own radicalized citizens. There are a lot of questions open for debate regarding this new legislation. And there is even a second part to the post: More on Passport Revocation and Temporary Exclusion: The New Counter-Terrorism Bill in the U.K.

Does 19 + 11 Equal 30?: the Nitty Gritty of the Law of Treaties and the Kampala Amendment to the Rome Statute on the Crime of Agression

Just another example to show how treaty interpretation can be even more difficult than solving math problems sometimes.

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