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Happy Sunday, people!

Here is what I have for you today: a great international law analysis, some news from the US and Europe, and even a song! I hope you’ll keep reading!

Security Council Resolution 2178 (2014): The “Foreign Terrorist Fighter” as an International Legal Person, Part I and Part II

Great analysis of SC Resolution 2178 and its legal effect on actual individuals, the ones the resolution addresses as “foreign terrorist fighters”. 

As Senate Confirms More Career Diplomats, Fate of Obama’s Political Nominees Remains Uncertain

Hungary is without a US Ambassador for over a year now. I have posted about Ambassador-Designate Colleen Bell before. My opinion is slightly changed now, as there is a diplomatic dispute between the US and the Hungarian government currently, and I am not quite sure that someone with no diplomatic experience yet is best to deal with it.

Azerbaijan: Assembly committee condemns Ramil Safarov release treaty ‘abuse’

I have posted about the release of Safarov here and here. It never occured to me that what happened might turn out to be treaty abuse, but the reasoning does make sense. 

Ebola is What Happens When Promises Are Broken

Here’s a special post to close on this week from none else, but Bono, who broke bones this week in a bike accident just after finishing the Band Aid 30 cover song. Speaking of which, I don’t usually start listening to Christmas songs until like the first week of December, but this one is special. Check it out below, then please go buy it too, all its proceeds will support the fight against ebola in West Africa!

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