Sunday Smack

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Hello Everybody, it is Sunday again! How are you all doing?

As you can tell, I sort of neglected this blog lately. This one is like the 5th or 6th weekend I spent at home trying to “bed rest” this illness. Yes, talking about the same illness that started more than two months ago. I have now heard countless theories on why on earth this one does not go away, medical and less medical reasons alike, have taken more medicines in the past weeks than ever before in my life, but still don’t have the solution.

Something happened this weekend though. I can’t explain why, I think I just reached the point where I got tired enough of this illness taking over my life for more than two months now. I feel very determined to reclaim my life whatever it takes now. Determination helps. Most of the times, anyway. Doesn’t it?

Have you ever suffered of such a clinging cold? What have you done? Do you believe in non-medical root causes of illnesses? Like an unsolved problem? OK, perhaps more on this later, let’s just stay on topic now. 

That of course would be the below world affairs blog posts from last week.

The USA-China Climate Accord is a Very Big Deal vs. The US-China Climate “Deal” Does Less Than Has Been Hyped

This is just how much I value having the full picture, including conflicting opinions, of every piece of news out there. Make sure to check out both articles. The media is not a mirror, but a reflector, my friends, that’s one of my favorite quotes (wanna guess who is it from in the comments?).

ICJ Elections 2014: UN General Assembly and Security Council Elect four Judge to the ICJ, But Fail to Agree on a Fifth, Again!

Well, we all know that however qualified professionals are these judges (and they truly are!), such elections at the UN are much more about politics and lobbying than anything else. Hopefully the fifth judge can be elected tomorrow!

The Race for UN Secretary General Is Rigged

Speaking of election politics and lobbying at the UN… This one is going to be an even more exciting race to follow.

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