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Happy Sunday!

I have been informed last night (!) that today was going to be the first Sunday of Advent. With everything going on during the end of the year, it was quite a surprise, but I try to cope. I hope those of you celebrating had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, but I say all the rest of us could use a little gratitude in our lives.

I hope you have some time to read today.

The Mladic judgment and the none ‘not guilty’ verdict

This long awaited judgment of the ICTY before it concludes held little surprise for those familiar with the case.

Female Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh Are Suffering the Consequences of Trump’s Decision to Defund a Key UN Agency

Aid agencies are having a hard time to tackle the growing problems around the world anyway, there was no need to worsen their situation any further.

UK’s lost seat at the International Court of Justice: a reflection on the authority of the Security Council

Whether it is just the way things go or it is really a signal of the changing global order, we will see in time, I guess.

Putting the North Korea Terrorism Designation in Context

This week in a political move President Trump designated North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism.

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