Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, people!

I like to think that I am now close to getting over the longest illness ever experienced in my life. The worst thing, well, besides all the aches and weakness, the worst thing is that procrastinating a lot of things for weeks now, I am literally like two weeks behind myself. I don’t even know where to start catching up.

Enjoy this week’s posts while I figure out!

A Grounds-Eye View of the Hong Kong Protests

The post ends on an optimistic note anticipating Friday’s meeting with government officials, which unfortunately has been canceled by the government.

ISIS Issues 11 Rules for Journalists

ISIS-controled areas in Syria and Iraq are probably the most dangerous places to be a journalist in these days. Even if you know the rules.

MH17 Goes to Strasbourg: Some Remarks on Obligations of Prevention, Foreseeability and Causation

Great post about the possibilites of whether Ukraine or Malaysia Airlines or both can be held liable for the tragedy of MH17. Written by a fellow Hungarian lawyer too.

International Law MOOCs: A Hazardous Legal Tool?

As a keen international law MOOCer myself, having even taken some of the courses mentioned in the post, I could not leave this one out. International law MOOCs are the best thing ever! 🙂

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