Sunday Smack

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Hey everyone!

I hope your weekends are going much better than mine. I am still very much under that cold, in fact, no matter what I try, it just gets worse. As a result, my motivation level is below an all time average, all I want to do is sleep all day.

I have quite a few promised and unfinished posts here too, so all I can tell you now is once I get myself together, I’ll post everything.

In the meantime, here’s a seemingly poor collection of last week’s bes

An Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong?

The One Country – Two Systems policy definitely has failed, but what does it take to solve this crisis and what can possibly come next in Hong Kong?

Palestinians Prepare for Showdown With Washington

There might be some truth to it. The same patterns were repeated over and over for decades with no result, why not try something new for once?

How a Blonde Tattooed Texas Girl Became an ISIS Twitter Star

Interesting read. So little is enough to excite those extremist ISIS followers on Twitter, huh?

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