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Happy weekend eveybody!

I hope you all had a great week and an even better weekend! Unfortunately I am still struggling with this terrible cold, I have spent almost all of September sick, and it only seems getting worse… Anybody has any suggestions to cure pneumonia-like coughing and shortness of breath? I think I’ve tried everything, really, but who knows…

Anyway, this past week was packed in terms of world affairs with quite a few new developments. I will cover UNGA-related items separately, so here now I collected other stories from this week.

Strikes in Syria: The International Law Framework

There is an international law framework for the strikes in Syria and it is different than the one for those in Iraq.

Tackling the Syrian Crisis at #CGI2014

H.M. Abdullah II. of Jordan discussed how Jordan and surrounding nations with an already fragile economy don’t have the resources to provide for the huge masses of Syrian refugees. 

Obama Champions Civil Society at #CGI2014

I have to include this because the speech caused quite a whirl in Hungary. The official reaction here is that both President Obama and President Clinton were mislead by their advisors regarding recent remarks about Hungary. 

Russian Credibility on Ukraine Low at UN Meeting

Russian credibility on Ukraine is low anywhere and everywhere, why would the UN be an exception?

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