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Hey, everybody!

Other than the event-of-the-week NATO summit, the Ukrainian truce agreement was the other major news these past days. You will find that neither was covered by my favorite bloggers yet (well, bloggers need days off too…). I am planning to do a post about the NATO summit myself that I didn’t get around to edit yet, so I certainly get that.

And just a quick service announcement: I should have announced it in a separate post, but I forgot (well after a near heart attack when I almost deleted the whole blog by accident… yeah, don’t ask…).

So, you might have noticed that I have enabled Disqus comments on posts, so now you can comment on everything, as I hope you will. Let me know what you think!

Ban Says UN Troops Are Safe, Needed to Quash Ebola Unrest

Most of us can choose not to go anywhere near the Ebola outbreak. But there are those who can’t. Like UN peacekeepers.

Double standard: UN on Iraq-ISIS vs. UN on Israel-Hamas

That’s one way to look at this.

European Court of Human Rights Takes on Extraditions to the U.S.: Trabelsi v. Belgium

A very delicate question once again with a controversial ECHR decision. I don’t doubt that criminals have human rights, as everybody does. This guy was in the belief that his term was coming to an end, when he got extradited with the prospect of lifelong inprisonment. But, really, 60 000 EUR?! The guy is a possible terrorist, who was plotting to kill masses of people and now he is granted 60 000 EUR for it. I am not saying I know the right answer in this case, probably no one does, but I still find it a little problematic, even if he never gets the money.

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