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Happy weekend everybody! And happy long weekend to all my readers from the US! I should say happy last weekend of summer, but it just doesn’t sound right… 🙂

As always, I have ambiguous feelings this time of the year. Summer being my favorite season, I want it to last forever (I know, I should move someplace warm…), and at the same time I am excited for new things and things freshening up with fall approaching.

Speaking of new things, I will be introducing some new features of the blog this coming week, I can’t wait to share them with you all.

In the meantime, enjoy my weekly round-up of favorite blog posts!

Trying to Classify the Conflic in Eastern Ukraine…

Deciding whether it is an international or an internal conflict is rather important in terms of what actions are applicable, whlie many are still avoiding simply labeling this conflict as a ‘war’.

Syria, Lybia and the Challenge of Intervention

What kind of intervention would be effective in the fight against IS, where, and when? Can we apply old practices here or all we know is whatever we do, anything can happen?

Kerry Leading Coalition Drive to Confront Islamic State

Meanwhile Secretary Kerry and the Obama aministration are working hard to recruit partners for a military intervention in Syria.

What the Gaza deal (really) means for Hamas and Izrael

For how long will this deal guarantee peace for the people of Gaza this time is the real question here. Also on the ECFR blog I recommend this post of comparing the number of casualties in Gaza and Syria. This infographic is really worth taking a look.

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