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Happy Sunday, everybody! This is the first post ever that I am writing on a train, can you tell? Actually, I am pre-writing it on Saturday, and when you are reading it on Sunday, I am on a boat – a Danube cruise trip (still on my mission to catch-up on this rapidly passing summer). Hope your are all having a great time too!

Take a look at what happened this past week, through the lense of my favorite bloggers.

Russia’s convoy to East Ukraine and the International Committee of the Red Cross

This convoy which turned out not to be a trojan horse after all raised a lot of questions not just in Ukraine.

Is Israel’s Use of Force in Gaza Covered by the Jus Ad Bellum?

Indeed, is it? Great analysis of the Gaza conflict in light of the provisions of the UN Charter.

How Conflict in Ukraine Could Shake Global Food Prices

It could shake European food prices, the Russian embargo already having its impact on Hungarian farmers’ perspectives for the sale of their products. To what degree can the Russian economy bare its effects though, is yet another question.

Spies Like Us: Germany Spies on Allies, Too

Well, the thing is, every country with even the minimum level of intelligence does it. And I am also sure that they all know it about each-other too – that’s the whole point of spying after all… They probably expect each-other to do it well enough to be kept secret, though.

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