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Hey Everybody!

Hope all your weekends are going fine and you can take a few minutes to check out this week’s posts.

With Maliki Gone, Can Iraq’s New Prime Minister Put His Country Back Together?

That we’re going to have to wait and see.

What You Need to Know about the UN Human Rights Council’s Gaza Investigation

Sadly, it is probably true that the investigation will be no use in improving the situation. I have to insert one of my favorite quotes from Henry Kissinger’s Diplomacy here. He writes that fact-finding missions are “the standard device for diplomats signaling that inaction is the desired outcome”, as “such commissions take time to assemble, to undertake studies, and to reach a consensus – by which point, with luck, the problem might even have gone away”. Now, no-one in their right minds would think that this problem is to go away anytime soon, but any success the commission would be able to bring about is highly questionable. Also, on a side note here, let me just say how unfair I found that Amal Alamuddin has been forced out of her position in the commission. Well, of course I have no way to know, probably she really is too busy and/or has other valid reasons not to take on this role. But: she is a well known international lawyer with all the needed competencies, and accusing her of only being appointed for bringing the fame of her husband-to-be is plain malignity.

UN’s Schabas digs deeper hole, won’t say if he’ll investigate Hamas or if it’s a terror group

Well, I don’t usually share these kinds of comments here, but speaking of incompetency… you should take a look at this one. 

Obama’s Foreign Policy and the Nirvana Fallacy

Critics may be right in many ways, but I firmly believe that there are no what ifs in history. There is no way telling what would happen if another decision have been made, we will just never know. If we did, there would be no bad decisions ever, right?

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