Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, everybody!

This is a pre-scheduled post from Friday, so I hope nothing has happened during the weekend that could make it inappropriate.

While you are reading I am probably somewhere out there trying to catch up with this summer I almost missed altogether.

We are having an incredibly boring down time in my workplace recently (usual August in the public sector I guess), I am constantly joking that if I did not have all  these writing and learning to do, I would probably have started looking for a new job already.

But seriously. Summer is my favorite season, but I can’t wait for things to shake up a bit.

How about you all?

Why of course there is no down time in world affairs, that’s for sure. There are plenty of things going on for world affairs bloggers to post about as you can see below.

The Case Against the Prosecution

Chances are ever greater that Palestine will join the Rome Statute and thus create ground for the ICC to prosecute in cases emerged in the Gaza conflict. How will Israel and a more important global player, the USA like that is another question.

The Unusual but Dangerous Connection Between Gaza and Ebola

Sounds surprising at first, but think about it for a moment. 

With crises in Ukraine, Iraq and Gaza still raging, why should Europeans care about Libya?

I picked this one to share for the same reason that the title suggests. Amongst all the important issues there are things that just can’t make it to global news cycles, but perhaps they are equally serious.

Towards a New Global Treaty on Crimes Against Humanity

Unfortunately the nature of wars and the weapons (not just physical but theoretical) used are evolving so rapidly that no doubt a new treaty is needed.

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