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Happy August, everybody! I can’t help repeating myself, but how can it be August already? It means 2/3 of this summer went by almost unnoticed by me. I need to speed up on doing all my favorite summer things before it’s really over.

By the way, may I now call your attention to an interesting quotation from Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices? On one of the first pages she cites advices she received from former US Secretaries of State when she got appointed. One of those is from Warren Christopher: “Don’t plan vacations in August because something always seems to happen that month”.

With that, I’ll leave you to this weeks’s posts on current issues.

Joint declaration on Israel’s Gaza offensive by international law scholars

Prestigious international law scholars penned and released this declaration to protest against this new wave of war in the Gaza strip.

With Confirmation of Captured Israeli Soldier’s Death Hope of a Cease-fire Fades

Cease fire for a longer term or a peace agreement are nowhere in sight yet, and even these truce agreements often prove to be pointless. The last one did not last but a few hours.

US-Africa Leaders Summit: What to Expect

This is unquestionably a huge event with important topics on the table from security to economic ties. One serious issue that is missing from the list though is health, most importantly the current ebola epidemic that’s even holding some African leaders back from attending the summit.

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