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Happy last weekend of July, people!

Can you believe it is almost August already? I sure can’t.

It is still these two sad stories that set the agenda of world news. There were quite a few great blog posts about them this week.

Hamas and Israel: why a paradigm shift is needed

It indeed seems like the same script is being played out again and again. Something really does need to change if we want a different ending for once.

This is Not the First Time an UNWRA School Has Been Attacked

UNWRA is the number one NGO on the field there to provide humanitarian aid and assistance, now says it communicated the coordinates of the school to Israel, so this sort of thing would not happen.

NGO urges UN to condemn ‘global epidemic’ of anti-Semitic incidents

How sad that people who has nothing to do with the whole thing and just want to live in peace as any one of us are blamed and attacked for this war.

Dutch Push for International Protection Force to Secure Flight  MH17 Crash Scene

The investigation probably has already been tampered with, and there is nothing to do about it. Those responsible for the abusing of human remains and their belongings should be held accountable.

The Downing of MH17 and the Potential Involvement of International Courts

Indeed it is very likely that the case will end up in one of the international courts. The question is which one.

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