Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, everybody!

Many unfortunate, even sad events are going on in the world these days. Check out what my favorite bloggers had to say about them.

Security Council Meets on MH13 Disaster. What’s Next?

What’s next, indeed? Russia tries to blame it on Ukraine, while all the other members blame it on Russia. And we know there is no real decision making in the SC without consensus.

This Iran Nuke Deal Might. Just. Work.

This post is from the first half of the week, we now know that the talks are extended by four months. The post sums up the standing of parties in a great way, I am just not sure I can share the optimism.

Key UN Statements on Current Gaza-Israel Conflict

The title says it all…

Palestinians Turn to the UN Security Council for Help

And this is just going to be another hard decision for the SC to make.

Hungary: Court rejects old soldiers’ pension protests

Another ECHR decision on Hungary. I have to say I fully agree with the reasoning of the Court this time.

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