Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday and happy World Cup Final everybody!

Hope you all had a great weekend. My past week was exhausting once again, and the weekend was no exception. All I really need now is a proper amount of sleep.

Fortunately I have a whole week to recharge with five days off of work, so hopefully by this time next week my old self will be back.

This one must be the most rough-and-ready Sunday Smack ever, seriously, I am writing this half asleep. I really hope you’ll enjoy, though.

A UN View of the Gaza Conflict

The UN Secretary General spoke out against escalation of the conflict in Gaza. 

The growing refugee crisis in Ukraine

There is a lot (but never enough) talked about the Middle Eastern refugee crisis, now here’s another serious one. 

Does a ban on wearing the full veil promote women’s equality? An Analysis of the European Court of Human Rights Decision


I have already covered SAS v. France last week, but there were many great posts about it this week. Like this one. And yes, I just had to include the illustration.

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