Sunday Smack

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Hope everybody had a great weekend!

After an incredibly grey and stormy week in Hungary with a taste of Yvette, summer is expected to arrive next week. And I can’t wait.

Here’s a few posts of what I read last week.

Syrian Peace Envoy Finally Admits Defeat

I tend to agree with SG Ban that it is not Brahimi’s failure. I’d like to think that the problem is not unsolvable after all, even though two high profile diplomats have given up trying already. Then again, I don’t blame neither of them.

EU’s Newest Sanction Targets: Crimean Firms, Not Russian Ones

A new wave of sanctions on Russa and this time Crimea, probably still uneffective, while EU countries can only go so far sanctioning Russia without hurting their own economies.

ECHR: Turkey to pay substantial compensation over Cyprus invasion

This milestone decision of  the European Court of Human Rights seem to have gone down almost unnoticed in the European media. It’s unlikely that Turkey will voluntarily pay Cyprus €90 million, but then what does this tell about the power of the ECHR?

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