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Happy Easter to all those who are celebrating this weekend and all of you who are not, just have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

Should you wish to check out what’s been going on in the world this past week, here’s what I recommend to read:

Major Powers Reach Deal To Lower Tensions In Ukraine

I’ll admit I am a bit sceptical about this deal and find it hard to believe that any piece of it will be capable of “lowering tensions”. Let’s hope for the best though.

Ukraine Calls in the International Criminal Court

Now the case is in the hands of the ICC, its prosecutor will have to decide whether the court can deal with it or not.

Sense and Nonsense of Territorial Referendums in Ukraine, and Why the 16 March Referendum in Crimea Does Not Justify Crimea’s Alteration of Territorial Status under International Law

The long title covers a long and detailed analysis of the international law aspects of the referendum in Crimea.

On Edward Snowden’s Propaganda Stunt for Putin

Interesting take on Snowden’s appearance on Putin’s telethon suggesting it was scripted. Interesting and thought provocing suggestion (and I am far from being an admirer of Snowden or of what he did).

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