Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, everybody!

Another weekend has already passed, that I did not spend how I meant to: with rest. Perhaps next week.

A lot of exciting things going on in the world these days that worth paying attention to, though. Here’s what I’ve read about them up until Friday, since I have yet to catch up with the latest myself. What can I say, it happens. 🙂

Kerry Accuses Moscow of ‘Unmistakable’ Covert Ops in Eastern Ukraine

And Russia’s pursuit of domination in Ukraine goes forward already. One would think Putin at least could wait a little to divert attention.

Can UN Peacekeepers Stop Ethnic Cleansing in the Central African Republic?

The question is whether the international community is willing and able to act in time to prevent a major humanitarian catastrophy. For some it’s the matter of money, for others it’s the matter of will.

The Use of ‘Do it Yourself’ Barrel Bombs under International Law

Considering the international law aspects of using DIY WMDs in itself is interesting. This great post is about their use by Assad’s Syrian forces.

Will Investors Stop Burma’s Backslide?

Or will Burma’s backslide stop investors instead? Some worrysome news on the human rights front that could stop Western democracies seeking a good relationship with the newly democratized country.

Beware appearances: behind the Sisi hype

Egypt is yet another country that has done a lot to estrange Western allies. How long will it last? And will being actually elected legitimize Sisi’s power?

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