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Welcome to the 50th Sunday Smack!

That’s right, the 50th! 🙂

How great that this one is the first Sunday Smack I get to write on my new laptop! Yes, that of course means I have no excuse anymore not to act on all my great ideas regarding this blog (and everything else). 

Minus two weeks, I have been doing this for a whole year. It is unbelievable, really, and I have to say I’ve really enjoyed every bit of it, it helps me keep my professional reading in order. I can only hope it’s also useful to at least a few of you out there who are reading – for which I am grateful as always!

So, here’s to another 50! I hope to see you all here in another 50 weeks!

And now, on to much more serious issues, here’s my usual (I can say usual after 50, right?) weekly round up my favorite reads of the week…

The 5 Territories that Russia Could Annex Next

There are quite a few regions surrounding Russia with ethnic Russian minorities just like Crimea. Are they in danger now?

Crimea and (the Lack of) Continuity in Russian Approaches to International Law

Great piece on how this was not the first time Russia changed its mind over international treaties on Crimea.

Obama and Putin Talk Ukraine as Tensions Mount

Honestly, I think there is nothing at this point that the US and/or the international community can say or do to turn Russia back. Not just on Crimea, but on whatever Putin’s next plan is. Yet, it is interesting to see them trying.

Finally Some Justice for Sri Lanka?

After 5 years, there seems to be a chance now to bring perpetrators of mass atrocities in Sri Lanka to justice.

Sisi declares his presidency run

Not that it is a surprise. Egypt is on its way back to the times of pre-revolution regimes, if not there already.

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