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Happy Sunday Everybody!

You may forgive me for citing various pieces on the very same topic again, but there are such exciting debates going on in international law circles these days that it’s hard to choose but a few.

On Crimean Secession, Fairness and Self-Determination

Great one about the numerous aspects and previous precedents to keep in mind when judging this case.

The Precedential Value of the Kosovo Non-Precedent Precedent for Crimea

I can see non-lawyers rolling their eyes right now, but this is actually well-explained in the post, worth checking out.

Crimea’s Declaration of Independence

This is another one on the Kosovo precedent of the ICJ and how it relates to the Crimean case.

Crimea’s Referendum and Secession: Why it Resembles Northern Cyprus More than Kosovo

And one more on the legal perception of self determination with examples from the past.

Looking at Maidan through the Nicaragua Standard: Did the EU and the US violate the Non-Intervention Principle?

Great, thought provocing post on things we might not know or just never considered regarding Ukraine’s revolution.

What the MH370 Mistery Tells us About Southeast Asian Politics

While the search goes on, there might be deeper causes behind the ineffectiveness over there (and no, this one’s not about conspiracy theories).

Exclusive: South Sudanese Military Targets United Nations

There is a UN Peacekeeping force operating in South Sudan and the South Sudanese government’s relationship with the UN is worse than ever.

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