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"I love spring anywhere, but if I could chose, I would always greet it in a garden." -Ruth Stout

Happy Spring Everybody!

In Hungary it really feels like spring already! Unfortunately I don’t have the chance to greet it in a garden, not for the moment that is, but only until next weekend I hope. 🙂

I love sunshine and colours and sunshiny colours and everything that has to do with sunshine and colours, so this is my time! And hot summer days, but you probably know that already. 🙂

There are more serious issues going on in the world, of course, let’s not forget aobut those. Apart from something really disturbing going on in a neigbouring country, the Ukrainian crisis provides really exciting questions for international lawyers to argue about.

And bloggers to publish about. Let’s see about that and some more issues as well.

The Crisis in Ukraine and the Prohibition of the Use of Force: A Legal Basis for Russia’s Intervention?

Another great analysis of the international law aspects of Russia’s moves and motives. The Ukranian Association of International Law has also issued an appeal that is worth reading.

‘For Russia, protection of human rights and freedoms is a basic priority,’ FM Lavrov tells UNHRC after being elected new member

The Russian foreign minister spoke at the 25th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva this week. He also said this: “All internal crises should be overcome without external interference, through dialogue between all political forces, ethnic and religious groups, in accordance with constitutional norms and in compliance with international obligations (…).”

“The resources we have are entirely insufficient” – CAR’s Epitaph

The crisis in the CAR is undoubtedly being overshadowed by that in Ukraine these days. But not just in terms of media attention, financially as well.

Snowden Testimony Before the European Parliament

I have never made a secret of having doubts about him, but he did make some valid points this time.

Hillary Clinton Honors International Women’s Day at the UN

On UN Women’s annual celebration of Women’s Day and women all over the world there were some great speeches again.

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