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March - Spring ❥

Happy first weekend of spring and happy Oscars night everybody! So many things to be excited about!

There are a lot of exciting (although worrisome) news in world affairs as well thes days…

“Maidan” v. Yanukovych et al.: Ukraine and the ICC?

While Ukraine never even signed the Rome Statute, one of the first decisions of the new leadership was to prosecute Yanukovych and a few of his men at the ICC. Whether it will be possible to put him on trial (at the ICC or anywhere) is another question.

Obama to Putin: ‘There Will Be Costs’ To Invading Crimea

This is a very delicate situation, mainly because a significant mass of people in Crimea actually want Russia to intervene. Whether there still is a way to peacefully resolve this conflict will unfold in the coming days.

Cutting Uganda’s Aid is a Morally Dubious Proposition

Many suggested these days that cutting Uganda’s aid would be a proper response to the condemnable anti-gay legislation. But really, it wouldn’t.

What is the Domestic Legal Basis for Planned Cyberattacks in Syria?

It’s more of an analysis of US domestic law than international law, I still find it interesting. As the Obama administration did not find enough legal ground for missile attacks against Syria they find none for cyberattacks either. Yet.

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