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As news were mostly about Ukraine this week, these are some of the blog posts I liked most.

After the storm: next steps for the EU and Ukraine

What can the EU do to help the people of Ukraine who chose Europe so that they won’t end up disappointed again?

Is (Or Was) Ukraine in a Non-International Armed Conflict?

Hopefully it will remain past tense now, but the question is still legit. Especially considering the way neighboring countries were preparing to deal with the situation, this labeling could have mattered a lot.

Robert Mugabe Turns 90

On this occasion here’s an in depth analysis of Zimbabwe in the 34th year of his rule.

Olympic Gain: With Sochi Winding Down, Russia Signs Off On UN Syria Resolution

Whether it really has to do with the Olympics or not, neither Russia, nor China vetoed the Syria resolution on aid access. No one hopes this will be frequent from now on.

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