Sunday Smack

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I hope everybody’s weekends are going well!

Here are some great reads for you to look back on this past week.

Olympic Game: Washington Hopes Sochi Will Force Putin’s Hand on Syria

I don’t know about that… It certainly doesn’t seem that way. Russia is again paralyzing the Security Council on a crucial Syria resolution.

CAR is Falling Apart. And Everyone Knows Why

Despite the Security Council resolutions, the peacekeeping troops on ground, and the new president elected, things don’t seem to improve in the CAR.

Why Bosnians Are Protesting

Great piece on Bosnia after the Dayton Peace Accords and why changes are long due there.

Cyprus talks re-start with the US in the driving seat

Cyprus has endured many obstacles in recent years. No-one expects the decades old problems to be solved in one meeting, but relaunching the talks is definitely a positive sign.

Swiss vote puts EU to the test on Free Movement

There is a good chance that Switzerland might opt out of the single market.

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