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Happy 2014!

Happy 2014 everybody!

I hope all of your New Years started as great as mine.

I came accross some great reads as well in the first days of 2014, check out a few of them.

On world affairs:

John Kerry cites some progress in Mideast diplomacy

US Secretary of State John Kerry started off the New Year with another trip to the Middle East to hold talks with Israeli, Palestinian and other leaders in the region.

Why does Ariel Sharon matter?

With news of Ariel Sharon’s already bad health failing, The Telegraph posted this article about his significant role in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Stakes high in Egypt as constitution referendum approaches

Egypt’s constitutional referendum will be held on 14-15th January and stakes are high indeed.

On the legal side:

The latest twist in the case of Thomas Kwoyelo

Former Ugandan commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army is reportedly asking for amnesty. The Ugandan trials are interesting in their entirity, and this is just one episode.

Some more summaries for the New Year:

Top 10 Worst UN Decisions of 2013

An opinion by UNWatch, but worth giving it a thought or two.

Yet more widening and deepening

A short post on what’s new and what’s to come for the European Union in 2014.

Entertainment bit of the week:

Just when I thought there’s nothing I want to include here this time, I learned that songs from the brand new Bruce Springsteen album will be played in tonight’s episode of The Good Wife. The album called “High Hopes” will only be out on 14th of January. Isn’t it just great when two of your favorites unexpectedly meet? 🙂

Wishing you all a great week with this one!

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