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Happy Sunday everybody!

As I put the finishing touches to this post, I am watching the sad pictures on CNN of Nelson Mandela being laid to rest. This of course marks the end of the 10-day-mourning that really defined world news in the past few days. I selected a few posts from other topics too, though.

On world affairs:

A Pivotal Week for the Central African Republic

France is taking the lead role again in an African conflict zone with two casualties so far.

Back in the USSR

What is it about the European Union that makes thousands of Ukrainians bare with the cold for three weeks now?

Uruguay vs. The International Narcotics Control Board

I have come across this story several times this week. Uruguay is about to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Apparently, the decision violates Uruguay’s certain international obligations.

On the legal side:

Stricter conditions for applying to the European Court of Human Rights

The new rules that mainly have to do with the application form and the deadline for application are said to be enhancing the efficiency of the court.

Speech of the week:

Besides the eulogy of course this speech is remarkable for the messages President Obama sent to leaders who do not live up to Mandela’s legacy even though they claim they respect him.

Entertainment bit of the week:


I will have to catch up on recent movies now, there seem to be a lot of great ones among the Golden Globe nominees that I haven’t seen yet. Click the picture to check out the full list. Oh and I am so happy for Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosting again, they were great last year!

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