Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday everybody! As always, welcome to my new readers and thanks to everybody for following!

Besides the sad news that lead the last few days’ headlines, this was an eventful week on all counts. Let’s review a few good reads.

On world affairs:

What is going on in Ukraine?

An analysis on the root cause of what seems to evolve to become the second Orange Revolution. While demonstrations still continue in Kiev, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe is about to create an advisory board to investigate the background of these clashes. 

Relief for Central African Republic Can’t Come Soon Enough

This week the world have finally heard about what is happening in the CAR. Sadly, a large number of people had to die for most of the media to pay attention and for the Security Council to take action.

On the legal side:

Overview of Restrictions on Counsel in the Tsarnaev and 9/11 Cases

Interesting comparison of two terrorism-related cases, one in civilian, the other in military procedures. 

Entertainment bit of the week:

I don’t need to explain this, do I? Can’t wait to watch this movie.

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