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Happy Sunday, dear readers!

The weekend ends with some significant world news. The past week wasn’t quite eventful though, so there are only a couple of reads  I recommend today.

On world affairs:

Barack, Bibi and Iran


It is a great article, but now that there is an agreement, I mainly left it in for the picture. It so perfectly describes the outcome of the negotiations as well, doesn’t it?

Intervention in the Central African Republic

This issue still doesn’t get enough attention in my opinion, although the threat of genocide after what Rwanda and Kosovo taught the international community is really something that should make it to the news.

On the legal side:

A Proposal to Compensate the Acquitted and Promote Reconciliation in the Balkans

This is a very sensitive and interesting legal issue as we are talking about war criminals, in various extent responsible for crimes against humanity. But then there is the rule of law and all its principles…

The UN sued in America for the Haitian cholera outbreak

Apparently, this is going to be a case in the Manhattan Federal District Court. 

Entertainment bit of the week

Killing Kennedy actually premiered two weeks ago on National Geographic, but I just got around to watch it this week. It is a great movie that paints an almost documentary-like picture of the few years preceding the killing of JFK. Unlike anything I’ve seen in this topic before, it focuses not so much on the man about whom we already know so much, but that other one whose life and motives are still somewhat obscure. It uses a lot of original footage, strenghtening the documentary sense, but the actors are also very good. I loved Rob Lowe’s Kennedy, in certain angles, he looked just like the late president. I was not so convinced by Ginnifer Goodwin’s Jackie, although she had really great moments too. And the guy who played Oswald just nailed it. All in all, I thought the movie was well worth watching it.

P.S. Does anybody happen to know how to disable autoplay when the embed code doesn’t react to disabling? Please let me know if you have any good advice.

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