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I know it’s a cliché, but time really does fly! While our scary horror Halloween party is still yet to happen due to scheduling issues, Pinterest, as well as malls and supermarkets are already flooded with Christmas stuff. And for me it somehow feels like summer just ended. How about you all?

Meanwhile, this was a really busy week in world affairs with a lot of great reads on my favorite blogs.

On world affairs:

3 Reasons Why this Iran Breakthrough is a Very. Big. Deal

We don’t know how big of a deal exactly it is yet, as talks will resume on 20 November, but I agree there is reason to applause already.

The Cairo Diary: Inside the Morsi Courtroom

The trial of former (or as of yet the one legitimate?!) president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi started this week, but only for a brief session, before it was postponed until January. The accused stays in jail until then.

With Help from the UN, Congo Rebel Group is Squashed

The M23 rebellion in the DRC has come to en end thanks in part to UN intervention.

What the USA Will Loose When it Looses its Vote at UNESCO

It’s happened already. The first time the USA has lost its voting rights at a UN agency. And it is bad for a number of reasons.

On the legal side:

Syria, the Security Council, and the Chemical Weapons Convention: a Reply to Jens Iverson

A great piece in reply to questions raised about the legal interpretation of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Snowden in Deutschland?

Unlikely as it seems at the moment, here’s a closer look at the possible legal consequences of Edward Snowden traveling to Germany to testify.

Natural disaster of the week:

How to help Typhoon Haiyan survivors’s Impact Your World collected a lot of links where you can find out how to help. I hope you’ll check them out and take action.

Entertainment bit of the week:

I loved the CMA Awards this week with great performances all along, but this one by Taylor Swift with Alison Krauss and Vince Gill was one of my favorites.

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