Sunday Smack

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Hope you all had a great week and an even better weekend! Here’s a few news stories to look back to:

On world affairs:

EU reaction to the NSA Affair

Well, hacking world leaders’ cell phones is a serious issue. I would even double Lawfare’s Ingrid Wuerth calling it a diplomatic disaster. It is still unclear though how deep this will impact EU-US relations.

UPR and Israel

Israel has refused to atted its review session of the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review, being the first state ever to do so. The rescheduled review is about to take place next Tuesday and everyone seem to agree that someone from Israel better show up.

Is This the Worst Crisis That Nobody’s Paying Attention To?

There is a major humanitarian crisis evolving in the Central African Republic that the world needs to pay more attention to.

On the legal side:

ICC: Kenya leader not excused from attending trial

Fist there were reports of Kenya demanding the UN Security Council that it delays this trial. This part always promised to be the most interesting though: whether an acting head of state will willingly attend his own trial in The Hague. It seems he will have to.

Birthday of the week:


Hillary Clinton turned 66 yesterday. Amazing, isn’t it? She’s going to be approaching 70 if/when she’ll become president four years from now. Not that she looks anything like it. Happy Birthday Madame Secretary!

Entertainment bit of the week:


Yes, Lisa Kudrow on Scandal! And I haven’t even watched this last episode yet, I just got excited the moment I heard she was gonna be in it! Now really, could Scandal get any better?!

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