Sunday Smack

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OK, this is the first time ever with no posts between two Sunday Smacks. That’s how busy I was this week. I had one night at home on Monday packing for London, then I left to London from work Tuesday evening, got back in the middle of the night on Wednesday, and spent the rest of the nights regenerating from the lack of sleep while trying to do my best at work during daytime.

I had a wonderful time in London, as always, although it was a painfully short visit, more business than pleasure. Once again, thanks a lot to Niki and Zsolt for the warm welcome! Hope to be able to spend more time with you guys next time! The weather was fantastic with only a little rain in the morning, warmer than in Hungary right now, so much so, that somehow I missed the news of winter approaching Hungary. Back from the UK, I went to work in my thin coat just to find out I’m not in London anymore…

Other than the weather though, I tried to catch up with the news from time to time, and came accross a few great blog posts this week.

On world affairs:

Is the “Covert Action” in Syria Actually a Covert Action?

The US government is helping Syrian rebels. Is this obvious for all of us? Well, it should be.

The al-Shabaab Mall Attack and the Right of Self-Defence

A great overview of the Nairobi hostage drama with focus on the right of self defence.

The Cairo Diary: Repression and Depression

With not so much news on this front lately (or at least overshadowed by the news from Syria), now Laura Dean’s Cairo Diary continues.

On the legal side:

Charles Taylor Appeal: Why its rejection of ‘specific direction’ doesn’t matter

I recommend this one as an “international law nerd” myself. IntLawGrrls’s analysis of the judgement is also worth checking out. 

Bright idea of the week:

Worthwhile French Initiative

I am also fond of this French idea of Security Council reform. To be honest, I am fond of any idea of reform, that would make things work more smoothly at the UN Security Council.

Entertainment bit of the week:

I am a Laura Pausini fan. I love this new single of hers with Kylie Minogue and can’t wait for Laura’s new album celebrating 20 years of her career.

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