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Happy Sunday!


We are having a long weekend in Hungary due to a national holiday tomorrow, which I am trying to spend resting and catching up with family and friends at home. I hope you are having a great weekend too!

Former US presidents appeared yesterday for a hurricane relief concert in Texas. Does this unique club of men ever make you feel nostalgic? Even the ones you never agreed with politically, at least they were competent. Just saying.

Anyway, referring back to my #MeToo post, I have given quite a few thoughts to the issue these days, as it seems the whole thing have lead to a break with someone I considered a friend. So, to everyone, who are annoyed by the whole thing and just can’t understand why we all have to talk about this now, I want to add this. 

All the media attention and blog posts and talk about it is not being “too much”, I think it is far from enough yet. It will only be enough if it reaches all the pervert morons we have all dealt with in our lives and they would all know and understand that we are talking about them now. I don’t think it will ever get to that level, so this is just a tiny bit of justice for all these women instead of enough. If you want to rob them even of this, you are no better than all the men who hurt them. (And yes, I have seen all the stories about men harrassing men, even women harrassing women, this is just more proof that we are dealing with a complex issue here, that needs to be talked about!)

Now here’s your weekly reading.

New Evidence Suggests that What’s Happening in Myanmar is no longer a “potential” genocide. It’s the real thing

It is the real thing and the international community still doesn’t know how to act about it.

Secession and Self-determination in Western Europe: The Case of Catalonia 

Another great one on this topic. This is the most easy to read, easy to understand I have come across yet, I recommend it to non-lawyers, too!

How the Islamic State Will Grapple With Defeat in Raqqa

And furthermore, what this might mean in terms of the whole situation there.

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