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A very busy and exciting week is about to approach. The next session of the UN General Assembly kicks off next Tuesday and then there’s a bunch of other major world events scheduled around it.

First one of course is the Social Good Summit starting today and the Clinton Global Innitiative’s 2013 Annual Meeting will also take place in New York City these coming days.

So, there are plenty of world affairs to blog about. I will try to follow the UNGA to be able to give you a detailed analysis like the ones I did last year.

While waiting, let’s see what others blogged about this week.

On world affairs:

Will Sudan’s Omar al Bashir Attend the UN General Assembly?

I sincerely agree with every single word of this post from Mark Leon Goldberg, and double his conclusion. Sure, it would be great to see this war criminal handcuffed on occasion of the UN General Assembly next week.

UN Leaders: Are You Thinking Enough About Gender Equality?

Not nearly enough. It is going to be a major focus in the post 2015 development agenda, and the next session of the UN General Assembly starting next week.

On the legal side:

The Creation of an International Tribunal for the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Great post on the DRC and the theories of creating an International Tribunal.

Elections of the week:

German Election 2013

Angela Merkel gets a third term as Chancellor of Germany.

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