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Happy Sunday! I hope you are all having a great weekend!

Again, I was quite busy at work this past week,as the number of new posts show. I am going to have to work out a new schedule for blogging to be able to keep this thing going. Thanks for everyone for sticking around and a warm welcome to all my new followers!

Most of the world affairs news are still on Syria. There were two major events this week, the G20 summit and the EU Foreign Ministers Council, but still only guesses on the possible interveniton.

We will probably learn more in the coming days, while waiting, take a look at these great reads.


On world affairs:

Mr. President, Here Is a Viable Non-Military Option for Syria

That is, the UN Security Council referring the issue to the ICC in a contingent referral concept, meaning the ICC would investigate only if the parties do not reach a peace agreement by political means within a set period of time or if they violate the agreement thereafter. Never happened before, and personally I doubt it would work this time.


The Point of Intervention in Syria is not to End the Conflict

“[E]ffective interventions support diplomacy; they don’t replace it…” The problem is that there is not much to support here. 

Saudis to Push General Assembly Vote on Syria Intervention

Not only Saudi Arabia, but other wealthy Arab states in the region expressed their support for a possible military intervention according to Secretary Kerry. 


On the legal side:

Five Fundamental International Law Approaches to the Legality of a Syria Intervention

Very detailed and very good post on the international law options in Syria from Lawfare’s Kenneth Anderson. And again, I recommend this updated list of Lawfare’s coverage on Syria miliatry intervention.


Netherlands’ highest court finds Dutch state liable in 1995 Srebrenica massacre

Interesting judgement. Court attributes the Dutch batallion’s actions to the Dutch state. The title – and all news headlines really – are a little misleading though, this court only decided over the liability in the death of three people who sought refuge in the compound of the Dutch batallion.

Tweet of the week:

Iranian president’s surprising message to Jews


Seems like there is some hope for a change of tune in Iranian foreign policy. All Jews include Israeli Jews, right?

BTW, for all my Jewish readers, I hope your feasts are going great, Happy New Year!

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