Sunday Smack

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Happy weekend dear readers! Especially for everybody in Hungary who are just in the middle of a four-day-long weekend due to a public holiday on Tuesday. Hope you are all having a great time!

I have some serious thinking to do during this weekend, still in the middle of serious profession-wise decision making. Although I still have no idea where it is going to take me (even geographically), I enjoy this process a lot. I know something good is going to come after either way.

I am looking forward to being able to reveal everything, but until then, I’ll keep blabbing world affairs. 🙂

Other than Egypt really, it is still off season in world news, so I’ll only mark some key stories again.

On world affairs:

The Cairo Diary: Sit-in Dispersal Watch

Laura Dean is back in Cairo and keeps reporting about the ever worsening turnout of events. Be sure to follow her posts on Lawfare.

Here’s Exactly How Robert Mugabe Stole the Zimbabwe Election

Pretty detailed and great post about the Zimbabwean election results.

Keita wins Mali election after rival concedes

More reasons to be hopeful regarding the Mali elections though, the post-election process there so far seems like a peaceful and democratic way of power transition.

Israelis and Palestinians meet for peace talks

Not much news about this, at least no ground-breaking achivements in sight yet. I thought the release of prisoners was a good sign, but then came the news about the new settlements, so I would say anything can still happen at this point.


Message of the week:

In anticipation of World Humanitarian Day, which is going to be tomorrow, Kid President visited the United Nations and shared some thoughts on what the world needs more of. Should we take his word for it? You can share your own thoughts with the UN clicking here!

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