Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday and Happy Summertime Everyone!

I still can’t give away too much details, but this is probably one of the most exiting time periods in my professional life so far, so exciting that I am still not quite sure where it is going to land me. At the same time I also have to make difficult decisions in my personal life trying to end an old and really damaging cycle.

Meanwhile, it seems like the real summer holiday season have finally come in world affairs, so this is going to be a real brief weekly round-up now:

On world affairs:

‘Defeated’ al Qaeda Experiences a ‘Renaissance’

I was thinking the same last week. If Al Qaeda is indeed weakened, then how can it force the world’s biggest political and military powers to shut down their embassies? And it seems they are capable of doing more than that.

NGO Applauds UK & Canada for Protesting Mugabe’s UN Tourism Summit 

There is going to be a Tourism Summit held in Zimbabwe, Britain and Canada have backed out saying holding any kind of summit in a country where human rights abuses are standard is a bad message. I am looking forward to seeing if any other countries will follow their lead.

Zimbabwe poll body acknowledges mistakes

One of the objected issues by Western countries in Zimbabwe is of course election rigging, that seems to have happened once again in the last elections.

International Olympic Committee wants reassurances on Russia’s anti-gay law

Now, this is one developing story and I – as many – am eager to see what the outcome might be. Moving the Olympics to another location in such a short notice would be a huge deal, but then I see this as an opportunity to stand grounds on human rights issues not just for the Olympic Committee, but the whole world.

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Don’t forget, it is that time of the year! The Perseids meteor shower can be best seen this Monday and Tuesday night this year! You can make a wish or two. 🙂

Probably there is going to be more news next week, when the Israeli-Palestine negotiations are about to kick off, but I have some lighter topics planned while the off season goes, so look out for those in the next couple of days.

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