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Hello everyone, how are you all doing this Sunday?

I just read recently on two separate professional blogs how interviewing for a job can be character-building and how they recommend to not only keep your profile updated even if you’re not looking for a job, but to go out and interview every once in a while. Just to see how you’re doing.

Well, although currently I am indeed seriously looking, I can tell you, there is something to this. If the interviewers are good, and the whole process is professional and everything, you can learn a lot in interview situations. And having a clear view of where you stand professionaly is crucial to be able to improve in whatever you’re doing.

And the reason this just came into my mind, is that I am past a really incredible week professionally. I have had seven job interviews in five days, got two offers out of it so far, but I am hoping for more. I know, this will make deciding very difficult, but well, I don’t like things simple.

At the very same time I am having a really bad time in my personal life which will make this decision making process even more difficult. But apparently, life altering experiences seem to have a positive impact on the creative mind, not to speak of their character-building effect, so I am hopeful.

It also helps to keep in mind that there are many more important things going on around the world:


On world affairs:

There were two noteworthy elections held last week, in Mali and in Zimbabwe.

For Mali Elections, It’s a Question of “Legitimacy”

The Mali elections of course were held last Sunday, but speculation on the results and legitimacy are still going. For many western powers the restoration of democracy was the main condition in providing aid or any kind of assistance for Mali after the coup. There are signs that this election doesn’t point towards that direction though. There is going to be a second round on 11 August, as no candidate earned the majority of the votes.

Zimbabwe Elections: The Three Most Likely Scenarios

Yes, we do know now that President Mugabe won again, although clearness of these elections are also questionable, this post sums up the essence of politics and elections in Zimbabwe, really worth reading.


Israel, Palestine Eye Peace Deal in 9 Months

And many think nine months sound unrealistic after decades of not being able to reach peace. Maybe it does, but there seem to be real intention on both sides to show the world they are working on it, so I am one of those who think there is reason for hope.


On the legal side:

Is the Airport Transit Lounge Really a Geopolitical Black Hole?

According to the 1944 Chicago Convention on Civil Aviation it turns out it is not. Again, a great international law piece on

Birthday of the week:

President Obama turns 52 just today! Happy Birthday Mr. President! 



I know I am leaving things out, but you understand I was a little busy this week. As I mentioned though, my creativity is at its heights, so I have a bunch of great ideas for this blog as well, I will just have to find the time to work on them.

Until then, thank you for reading, I hope you will stick around for better things to come!

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