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Happy Sunday people, how is summer going for you all? I hope you are having a wonderful weekend either you’re working or vacationing these days. Here’s a collection of some of my favorite reads this week.

World affairs news of the week:

This Could Actually Work – Why John Kerry’s Middle East peace push isn’t a fool’s errand

OK, I know it’s too early to really rejoice about this, and that the last talks barely lasted a few weeks with no concrete result, but still. Democrat administrations had such great achievements on that front in the past, I am just glad the Obama Administration finally steps in as well. We’ll see the rest.


More on world affairs:

Iraq’s Return to Civil War

As it was predicted by many, international troops leaving Iraq has only worsened the already grave situation.


On the legal side:

Sudan’s Bashir Travels Freely to Nigeria. A Huge Blow to the ICC

Omar al Bashir travels freely again, this time to Nigeria to an AIDS conference, and still not arrested.

What Happens When We Actually Catch Edward Snowden?

What legal and non-legal consequences are possible for Snowden should he be caught by the US, based on the law and similar cases from the past.

Underrated issue of the week:

The Marrakesh Treaty: Books for All

As a bookworm myself, I just get the importance of this. WIPO has now adopted The Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons who are Blind, Visually Impared or otherwise Print Disabled. This is a big deal. And just so you know, Stevie Wonder thinks so.


Presidential opinion of the week:

Well it is not common for a President to opine on a judicial decision in the US, or anywhere in the world I think – you know the separation of powers and all. And of course President Obama did not criticize the decision itself, he rather spoke about the issue. But what is remarkable here is that he (and his team) considered this important enough to put him out there as a black man, talking about himself as a black man – something they have constantly tried to avoid in both of his campaigns.

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