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Another really bad week for me is coming to an end. I don’t want to go into details, because Hungarian law graduates’ career turmoils most definitely don’t constitute an international affair, especially since whenever I have such negative experience, usually a fully Hungarian company is involved. I really never gave any credit to such generalization that blames one’s mistake on all others, but now my own experiences suggest that when I hear trash about Hungarian employers, it’s not entirely baseless.

If you also have some really hair-raising story about pursuing your legal career and being played anywhere in the world, and don’t mind sharing, please leave a message though, because I’m thinking about making mine (and perhaps others) public in some way.

End of this service message, now let’s see what’s happening in the world these days.

On world affairs:

Laura Dean’s Cairo Diary

This is not just one article, but a series of some really good ones. Lawfare’s Laura Dean has been reporting from Cairo, Egypt all week. Worth reading her first hand experiences.

Why J-Lo Singing in Turkmenistan Matters

Can we really condemn anyone for not giving a damn when big money is paid? Or do celebrities have a responsibility not to endorse undemocratic and repressive social structures? The article sort of answers this and I sort of agree.

On the legal side:

How Do You Flee a Country Without Leaving It?

Once again, a really good, informative yet entertaining article by on the international legal aspects of Edward Snowden’s current status and perspectives. Indeed, now that he’s offered asylum in more than one countries, once he accepts one, how to get him there?

Video of the week:

I have to say I don’t really get this ‘Spanglish’ thing. Like one line in English, the other in Spanish, how does this make sense? So I did not like the song itself first, but then this video turned out to be better then the original, in my opinion. Or maybe it’s just my taste. And summer, sunshine and all this stuff I need this time of the year. 🙂

Anyway, despite the events in Egypt and some other issues mainly involving US politics, layoff season really is underway, so I decided to leave you with some great summer tunes this weekend! Have a nice one! 🙂

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