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It’s Pentecostal weekend, which also means a long weekend in a few countries: no work tomorrow in Hungary too, yay!


This was a busy week in global issues and happenings, although nowhere as much as in US politics. I tried to collect only the most interesting articles and posts and cut the ones you read everywhere. I hope you’ll like these!

On world affairs:

Could UN Peacekeepers Be Involved in a Syria Ceasefire?

After recent diplomatic developments and the planned summit on Syria, will UN peacekeepers be the right solution in this crisis?

General Assembly ‘strongly’ condemns Syrian human rights abuses

As I posted about this earlier, unfortunately I am not sure the GA can condemn anything ‘strongly’ enough to have an actual effect on the issue. I wish I wasn’t right, though.

Jordan to host “world’s largest refugee camp”

And this one underlines the previous article big time: here we are with possibly the worst refugee situation in history that requires immediate action!

Shias are more dangerous than naked women: Salafist MPs

Meanwhile in Egypt, MPs are worried that Iranian tourism will be a bad influence on their country. Worse than naked women.

Why Austerity Always Fails: Lessons from Thailand

Does it always fail? Foreign Policy Blog’s author suggests “[i]f European political leaders don’t want to suffer a similar fate [to that of Thailand], they would do well to reverse course”.

On the legal side:

ICC opens preliminary examination of 2010 Israeli flotilla raid

Seems like this case is about to go somewhere after all.

Interesting pieces of news of the week:

In Mideast version of ‘American Idol’, region’s troubles, Syria war often commandeer the stage

Even though I hardly ever watch these shows, I always said that people need these kinds of examples. Young people need to see that if you have a dream, if you have talent, if you work hard, you can get there. Whether you are a singer, or anything else, you just have to believe it. Plus music can make all the difference. And the Middle East certainly needs everything with that kind of power.

The geopolitics of Google’s autocomplete

Google autocomplete as a world politics issue? Interesting.


Musical event of the week:

No matter what changes each year, it is always good old Eurovision. It’s like comfort food, no matter what happens in politics, it always gives you the same experience! And I just love that about it! Don’t you?

Congrats to Denmark, and of course congrats to Hungary’s ByeAlex who earned the not-so-bad-at-all 10th place in the finale!

Season finale(s) of the week:


First of all, I’ll admit, I haven’t watched it yet! I am a few episodes behind, so I am trying to avoid spoilers, which I tell you, is really hard since everybody seems to be talking about Scandal these days! (But then, the better for me if I finish later, the less I’ll have to wait for the new season! Ha! :))

Anyway, I just wanted to say, in case no-one ever told you this (which is impossible) – if you don’t watch Scandal already, you should! 🙂 I just love smart TV shows like this, the ones that really make your brain work while entertaining. And although I am not in a position to confirm yet, I hear the second season ends with the best cliffhanger ever!

OK, after Scandal, this might be unexpected. I only watched this season of American Idol because Mariah was judging, but the contestants were really good too! I am happy for Candice’s win, I predicted this Top 2, even the Top 3 from the beginning of the live shows. Can’t wait to hear more of their originals!

As for the judges, is Nicki’s leave confirmed yet? I thought I had read something. If it’s true, at this point, it’s Keith and Mariah, and only Keith is confirmed. And if it is really the choice between a world tour and Idol for Mariah, I am voting world tour!!! 🙂

Happy Pentecost to those who celebrate it! And happy Sunday to the rest of you!

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