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Happy Sunday, Everybody!


Starting with the good part, it is a long weekend in Hungary due to Pentecost Monday, and it also feels like summer around here already! I am doing my best to enjoy it…

I started watching season 5 of House of Cards, but unfortunately I don’t really have time to binge it all in one weekend, I am barely halfway yet. Does anybody feel like this season is full of ‘this is/could be Trump’ moments? Most probably this show was always like this, it is political satire after all, we just weren’t aware before that Trump could happen in real life. (Watch what Robin Wright had to say about this in Cannes here.) I feel the same about Veep these days.

Must I go there already? I’d much rather linger on the fun part a bit longer. So, as someone who celebrated the Paris Agreement as a lifebelt thrown at the very last minute, let me say this. Regardless of the US decision, this agreements remains to be the most important and most effective way to save our planet. If we can believe their words, other world leaders are committed even stronger now to make it work, and we should join them. While I think this decision is ignorant and  irresponsible, I say put aside our worries and turn it into action! On our individual levels we can all do more, so let’s do more to tackle climate change! There are great posts on this topic among the recommendations this week.

And a last minute note about what happened in my favorite city last night. Once again, sending ❤ to London!

While Trump Pledges Withdrawal from Paris Agreement on Climate, International Law May Provide a Safety Net 

As it was reported earlier, the Paris Agreement contains provisions to prevent the likes of Trump from

singlehandedly destroying decades worth of achievemens.

It’s Been One Day Since Trump’s Announcement on the Paris Agreement and already China and the EU are Looking Past US

Other parties of the Agreement also will not let these achievements go in vain.

Macron’s Threat of Reprisals and the Jus ad Bellum

There is one question after all in which the new French president might back Trump.

A Double Standard for White Terrorists

Some food for thought in today’s political climate, when some seem to blame anything bad that happens on Muslims.

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