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Happy Sunday!


Destpite the very eventful week in world affairs, I would start again with something I (and many others) believe is an international issue, being an attack against democracy. You might have heard the law undercutting Central European University in Hungary has been adopted in spite of wide international protests. The protests continue, now the aim is to get President Áder not to sign the legislation. You can sign the petition clicking here. I am not sure whether any of this helps, but please do sign if you haven’t already and share with others!

Now, let’s get to all that happened this week.

US Strikes against Syria and the Implications for the Jus ad Bellum

Legal scholars tend to agree that the strikes were unlawful under international law, the debate is over whether there are any fairly legitimate justifications.

Here is How the United Nations is Responding to the US Bombing of Syria

As only seasoned diplomats can, saying something without saying anything.

How Does the Syria Situation Stack up to the“Factors” that Justified Intervention in Kosovo?

There are indeed a number of justifications that could be used in both cases.

Nine Questions to Ask after a Terrorist Attack

Another great analysis by Professor Byman, as a sidenote to this week’s attacks in Saint Petersburg and Stockholm.

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