Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, everybody!

I hope all is going well. Only three more working weeks before Christmas, and an awful lot to do. I get overwhelmed by even trying to plan ahead everything for the coming weeks.

There were a lot of world affairs stories to recount this week, and a lot of great posts about everything as well. You can read just a handful of them below.

Donald Trump’s Historic Phone Call with Taiwan’s Tsai Ying-wen

And there was that, apparently, just the tip of the iceberg. American diplomacy is about to take unimaginable turns. Read about all the other diplomatic disasters the President-elect managed to pull off in such a short period of time.

Another Crazy 2016 Election Result. This time in a Tiny West African Country With Big Implications

Here is a pleasant after-election surprise, for a change. The end of a dictatorial regime in The Gambia.

Negotiating Justice at the ASP: From Crisis to Constructive Dialogue

One more post about the ICC’s Assembly of States Parties. I wonder whether Gambia’s position will change once the new government will be established.

ECCC Rejects Joint Criminal Enterprise III and 

The legal legacy after the Khmer Rouge

A significant judgement was announced last week at the Extarordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia.

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