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OK, I usually try to avoid posting opinion about foreign elections, because clearly it is none of my business. But this time I will say this. Generally, when it comes to elections, I always say “go, vote”. Whatever the issue, general elections, local elections, referendum, when they ask for your opinion, it is not just your right, but your civic duty to go tell them. That’s what keeps democracy alive! So go vote, my US friends! Go vote, unless you are in favour of letting loose a rapist psychopath for all the world to suffer the consequences. Then please go for a walk or a coffee instead!

You see, it’s going to be an exciting week ahead. Let’s check out some topics from the one that’s passed.

UK’s High Court Rules Prime Minister’s Government May Not Unilaterally Trigger Article 50

An interesting turn of events. PM Theresa May seems to be certain that the decision will be overturned, but for the time being Brexit might be doomed.

Turkey: Getting Worse before It Gets Better

Well hopefully it will get better, and it should get better soon, before Turkey looses everything it gained from its strenghtening relationship with the democratic West.

What happens after the Horrifically Violent War on Drugs in the Philippines Ends?

What is happening in the Philippines these days is also alarming. There is an elected leader acting in unexplicable ways.

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