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Happy Sunday and happy Halloween, everybody! 


We are having a long weekend in Hungary, unfortunately filled with work for me. I can’t believe how quickly we are approaching the end of 2016. There are a lot of exciting things this coming November holds for us though, like the Marrakesh Climate Change Conference (to be preceded by the entry into force of the Paris Agreement), an historic presidential election in the US, the return of Gilmore Girls on Netflix, to list just a few.

Here’s your reading for today.

This will not be the end of “The Jungle”

One of the main stories of this week was France’s closing of The Jungle. Since migrants keep coming, it is fair to predict that The Jungle cannot disappear without a trace, however French authorities want it to.

International and Domestic Implications of South Africa’s Withdrawal from the ICC  and 

Take the Long View of International Justice

These are just about South Africa’s opt-out. I had to add this, because the global community was still processing the news of Burundi and South Africa withdrawing from the ICC, when Gambia this week announced its intention to follow their course.

Russia Blocked from Human Rights Council

There were a lot of stories in recent years about how the Human Rights Council often consists of representatives of states with a questionable human rights record. This year is no exception.

How Free? Brexit and the Movement of Peoples

Although Brexit doesn’t seem to stop being an exciting topic for international law scholars, I don’t think it makes sense to make guesses anymore.

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