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Happy Sunday, all!

This year is the 60th annivesary of a hopeful revolution that started on the streets of Budapest in the fall of 1956 but resulted in brutal repulse and more than 40 more years under Russian oppression. Around this time every year we remember the bravery of those Hungarian people who risked their lives for freedom. There were commemorations held around the world this week for the occasion.

And a lot of other news, of course. Let’s see some of them.

Truly Winning the Battle of Mosul

The battle of Mosul was kind of the news of the week. This post is about its possible consequences not just in Iraq, but in the whole region. If the political situation doesn’t seem tragic enough, the humanitarian situation might get even worse.

Yemen is on the Brink of Famine

And then there is Yemen where the humanitarian situation also worsens by the hour.

Another first at the ICC: convictions for offences against the administration of justice

These are important milestones in the history of international criminal justice, hopefully with a long term impact.

South African Withdrawal from the International Criminal Court – Does the ICC Statute Lead to Violations of Other International Obligations?

Before we get too optimistic though, South Africa has just withdrawn from the ICC on not fully understandable grounds and with fears of other African states following course.

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