Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday and happy summer everybody!

After half a week of vacation at lake Balaton, a wonderful Plácido Domingo concert in Budapest, half a week of staycation in Nagykálló including some old school meteor shower watching, I will be back to work tomorrow.

Let’s see what else happened this week.

Russia’s Lawful Land Grab

This comes on the week when Ukraine claims Russia is arranging military moves on their borders again.

Can a New Peacekeeping Force Stabilize South Sudan?

UN peacekeeping has a bad reputation these days. In theory I do think it can do wonders, but in practice it depends on some very human variables.

Justice for Syria? Opportunities and Limitations of Universal Jurisdiction Trials in Germany

With little chance that the ICC can prosecute Syrian war crimes anytime soon, we might see a number of these kinds of trials in the future on the grounds of universal jurisdiction.

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