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Happy Sunday!

Hoping everybody’s summer is going well, here’s your Sunday reading.

Brexit: Is everything going to change in law, so that very little would change in fact?

The British are trying to collect themselves after the appalling results of the referendum, but there is still not much we know for sure. This is one good collection of guesses.

The UN is electing new members of the Security Council today. This is a big deal

This indeed happened this week at the UN General Assembly with some unusual results.

One Year after Sousse, It’s the Economy – Not Security – That Worries Tunisians

The general idea of this post is applicable to all tourist destinations of the Arab world shadowed by terrorist threats recently. With tourists staying away and the economy weakening, terrorists are the ones who win, as the unemployed, empoverished, disappointed population is easier to be turned to their cause.

Transitional Justice: What is the role of law in bringing imaginative and imaginary peace to Colombia?

Most of us when asked to think about current wars in the world will not list that of Colombia among the first ones, or at all. Much to learn from this post.

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