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Happy Sunday everybody!

Seems like the weather finally got the memo that it’s almost summer already (at least in Hungary). I hope you are having a great weekend too. Here’s some reading to add to it…

The World Humanitarian Summit: A Preview

It was about time for a summit like this. As I often like to emphasize, I am a firm believer that the majority of the world’s problems could be solved with the financial resources we do have. All it would take is proper coordination and transparency of the utilization of these resources. I hope that the summit can be a first step in this direction.

Leap Ahead or More of the Same? The European Commission’s Proposed Revisions to the Dublin System

My guess is more problems to come. Even if there weren’t quite a few member states not on board with the plans of Brussels, the success of such a notion would still be questionable.

The humanitarian quest for accountability: Examining the role of UNHCR

Still on the topic of refugees, this one is acutally a book recommendation, but also a good review of the UNHCR’s role (actual and desirable) in the refugee crisis.

The State of Play on the Crime of Aggression

That the US has a problem with the general idea of the ICC is not much of a news. Whether the ICC will still be able to bring about this development of extending its jurisdiction to the crime of agression is going to be an exciting power play to watch.

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